Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pictures really can speak a thousand words

If i could spend my life looking at photos, just scanning the internet for one that makes me smile i really believe i would be happy. I can spend hours doing it in silence alone, it is the perfect pastime.

Which is odd as i hate going somewhere are seeing people with cameras plastered to their hards and faces, if you want to remember something just look with your eyes, you made the effort to go there, if you wanted to see it through a sheet of glass check the TV out or the internet. Silly i know, rant over.

Even though i had the rant, glad they took the time to waste the experience to let me look back and enjoy.

Here is a mini collection of my favourites i have found along my interweb travels.

My love for the Beatles is well known, and this picture, is amazing!!

So simple and classic, i love how someone sat down and took the time to do this.

Definition of my whole blog right here, somewhere to talk and not to care as long as i'm happy!!

Inspiration for a new tattoo????

I love the whole Keep Calm thing at the moment, and feel in love this idea, yes i used the world love too much.

When i was younger i told my parents i wanted to be a hippy when i was older, if only i had followed my dreams...

What more needs to be said?

Back to the Keep Calm idea, something we all should do, says i :P

I have been really overly happy lately and wish there was more messages in the world like this so everyone else would be as well!!]

What can i say, i love horror movies!! Just need to find someone to watch them with.

Read and learn

Made me think of an old but new friend, hope they agree!