Thursday, 10 February 2011

End of the medium as we know it

I’m up at a ridiculous time due to the fact I have a Skype interview today and haven’t prepped at all, never mind prepped, I haven’t decided what to wear?? My lovely sale FCUK dress, or a smart blue shirt??

Enough about that, what I woke up to was my loaded megavideo of Medium, little did I know my last ever loaded video of Medium. 

Why did I not know this to prepare myself?? Why do I not religiously follow digital spy like my flatmate to avoid disappointment.

Well actually I was happy with the ending, even if it was all over the place. I admit I knew something big was going to happen as Patricia Arquette’s lovely brother was in this series and they would have used him unless it was near the end.

Mmmmmm David Arquette

No wait my new celebrity crush is Luke Wilson, don’ t ask me why, god know my boyfriend wants to know why, but I have decided he is the type of man I shall marry. 

Actually it could be the fact that I watched legally blonde on iPlayer not to long ago, and recently purchased Family Stone on ebay a few days ago. I hope it is as bad as I remember.

Well onto today, I have my interview, then de-stress, hopefully purchase some Barry M nail effect and then go see Annie. A perfect Valentines Day present, I couldn’t have been more surprised. But saying this, he has no idea what he has let himself in for, all he knows is that she is a red head.

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