Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines day, why the sad face??

I know that people get all moody around this time of year, and I don't get it personally. I know I have a boyfriend and that is why people may say it is not the same, but even when I have been single I have still enjoyed the day for what it is.

It was so nice tonight walking back from the library seeing young men dressed smart, for a change, with bunches of roses and assortments of colourful bouquets, it just made me smile. The women waiting outside restaurants waiting to be wooed and when I looked up there were lanterns flying in the sky that couples had lit in the meadows. How could you not love this day, people just seem so happy, well most do, even small business owners closing early to see loved ones. The particularly moody ones tend to stay in to avoid the cheery members of society, therefore win win. They can stay in and moan and happy people, including single happy people, can smile at all the little things throughout the day.

Valentines day is different to me as I make my friends celebrate name day, as the Italians do. Therefore being a Valentine, I get to smile for one more reason. Not just the fact I got three Valentines day cards, albeit that two where from my amazing flatties.

Mind you after saying all that, I prefer to celebrate Valentines Day early with my boyfriend to avoid all the other couples to make it more special. Last year we decided to go and see Alice in wonderland at Bedlam and this year I was treated to Annie at the playhouse. I was soo happy. It was amazing; we were in the second row as well.

No matter where you are or who you are with, I hope you are all enjoying the love of everyone, including family and friends.

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