Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New to this, aren't we all?

Well to the life off a blog.

I have recently become a tad obsessed with reading blogs, especially SailorJennie

And from my obsession I have moved on to a love of ebay trying to get some of the amazing outfits I have found on blogs, and I have been lucky, yay!

Well actually my boyfriend wouldn't call it lucky, he isn't impressed with my new ebay love!!

My new love of blogs is the realisation that it is a much easier way to find out what to blow my wages on. There is nothing better than finding a blog of a girl with the sameish style and shape as you. 

It is a goldmine, they should definitely have sections like that in my lovely trashy/amazing magazines, it would be sooo much more helpful.

Also on obsession I might as well tell you about my new one of mad men. I am in love, 3 series in just over a week, now that is what I call a problem. 

Now to persuade my flatties to have a Mad Men theme dinner party, I get to be Joan, I don't care if I am only half the woman she is but a girl can still have fun :D

With this skirt I do believe I will be on my way! Now just to persuade my boyfriend, then I can buy it and then move myself into my dimension where I get to be in the 50s.

Dorothy Perkins £30

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